Is Age Really Just Numbers In Dating?

Is Age Really Simply Numbers In Dating?

Age is simply a number and it does not matter how old is she as long as you like her, right? However, for some individuals age is still an aspect for them to think about. Maybe because they are believing that older women or older males don’t look good to be with when having a date. This is specifically true if your date is twenty years older than you. Well, for a lady who has a partner that is older than her is socially appropriate. Like for example the relationship of Catherine Zeta Jones with Michael Douglas. Their relationship works very well but what if the woman is the one older that a guy. Is this kind of relationship still socially appropriate for many of us?
An older woman having a partner that is below her is not yet accepted in the society. Though, if someone has this sort of relationship, who cares right? Ok, I have a here a story about that type of relationship. I have a friend that goes out dating with somebody that is older than him. Well, as anticipated many of our good friends responded that the relationship is not good to take a look at plus a woman has kids. We are talking to him and having a relationship with her is so improper. In some cases we ask him to go out and let him date someone of his age. Though he also goes out with this lady however he continues coming back seeing his partner that is older than him. We talk with him seriously and ask him what makes him succumb to her. Well, he answered us directly. He stated that the woman is extremely hot and very understanding. She cares for him and really helpful. The lady accepts his defects and she’s very independent unlike younger ladies that is insecure and can not manage their own pressure and tension in life.
What he stated makes us believe that he is somehow best. Yet, we still insist that time will come he can also find somebody ideal for him. He laugh on us and told us what makes us very uneasy with this type of relationship? He said that age is just a plain number and it has nothing to do with the feeling he has today. In addition, he informed us not to call his girlfriend as sugar mother since she’s not. Though, it holds true that the girl has money since she is working and lives separately.
Individuals in many societies ought to learn how to accept the fact that in the near future having relationship with younger guys or females is not an issue anymore. People must know that when it pertains to like nothing is difficult. If the society accepts that older guys having a relationship with girls are okay at all why not accept older women dating with boys? After all they both like each other. For someone who feels love, age doesn’t matter at all but for the people who are not feeling the same method as they are, it does matter! In this generation, not just the more youthful people should be broad minded. Each one us must be open minded and just aim to accept the fact that an individual in love doesn’t care exactly what would individuals say about them.
Do not you think it is currently time to move on and update what we believe? Age is just a variety of years and absolutely nothing more than that. So, hello! Leave your shell and complimentary your feelings and enjoy no matter what others say as well as if she is older than you.

Bingo Mania – An All-british Online Bingo Site For Bingo Fanatics

Bingo Mania – An All-british Online Bingo Website For Bingo Fanatics

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